Print Empire announces new initiative to fight rising unemployment rates

While government bureaus employ experimental measures in an attempt to unfreeze job markets, some private companies are also working to fix the problems caused by contemporary economic busts. Berkshire-based company Print Empire recently launched a new initiative aimed at reducing unemployment rates.

According to the latest assessment by the Office for National Statistics, there are 2.5 million unemployed people in the United Kingdom. Most experts agree that these recent figures demonstrate a continuing unemployment crisis.

Furthermore, industry-wide failures have forced skilled workers to retrain. New technological advancements continue to drive yesterday’s careers into obsolescence. Corporations are reducing labor costs in order to compete in the global economy. While government programs employ targeted measures to retrain individuals hurt by recent lay-offs, innovation is the key to increasing the number of available employment opportunities. Many economists suggest that small businesses are the most reliable engines of a successful economic recovery.

Print Empire’s new Mini-Franchise Package extends business ownership technologies to people of all economic backgrounds.

In recognition of the need for upstart commercial enterprises, Print Empire has created a new Mini-Franchise package to reduce the costs associated with starting a small business. In the past, entrepreneurs have launched successful companies by purchasing franchise packages. However, these arrangements are often very costly. Print Empire’s Mini-Franchise initiative was designed with the average person’s budget in mind. “With a minimal annual fee of £575 to cover the setup and maintenance of their new ventures, the daunting idea of having to invest huge sums of money upfront has also been removed, with many Franchisers charging more than £6000 per year,” says Deren Stevens, General Manager of Print Empire.

Entrepreneurs often choose to purchase franchises when starting new businesses. Since these arrangements include the necessary paperwork, branding, and infrastructure to begin operations, investors may find them less risky than alternatives. However, the typical unemployed individual does not have sufficient funds to purchase a franchise. Print Empire’s Mini-Franchise initiative seeks to extend the dream of business ownership to people of all economic backgrounds. An innovative pricing system allows laid-off workers to buy a business franchise using minimal funds from savings or a redundancy package.

Deren Stevens of Print Empire recently explained the motivation of the initiative, “The aim of our Mini-Franchise system is to give people a chance to run their own business, for a minimal fee. They can run the business full-time, or part-time to fit around their current jobs; and it is an easy and affordable way to get a business started with help from experienced professionals. With 2.5 million people currently unemployed in the UK, many of whom have lost their jobs recently due to companies making cut-backs, this is an ideal opportunity for them to get back into the workplace and also to run their own venture.”
How it works

With this Mini-Franchise system, participants receive a fully operational E-commerce website designed with features similar to those found on Print Empire’s own website, However, entrepreneurs are encouraged to come up with a distinct name for each business. In order to assist with the promotion of every new company, Print Empire offers customized stationery and promotional items as a part of the package.

By choosing to start a Mini-Franchise, an individual gains the ability to resell the products and services offered by Print Empire. This Print and Marketing company delivers a broad variety of popular services including graphic design, animation, and marketing. Print Empire is also considered a leader in the provision of new media technologies; franchisees will be able to offer advanced web design and press release writing services.

Traditionally, franchise owners are required to share a percentage of annual profits. For Print Empire’s Mini-Franchise system, this is not the case. The annual fee is the only cost associated with managing each business. As a result, entrepreneurs are free to grow their companies without such worrisome disincentives.

Franchisers receive insider prices on all of the services offered by Print Empire. From these base rates, each Mini-Franchise owner is allowed to set his or her own prices. Successful businesses need price flexibility; when market conditions change, consumers may have more or less money to spend on printing services. In response to this, Print Empire empowers Mini-Franchise owners by enabling them to compete on their own terms.

While government officials debate job growth policies, the private sector responds with new initiatives.

Economies exist to satisfy the needs of consumers and labourers. Unfortunately, recent events have driven the global economy into a state of chaos. Countless hard-working people are forced to turn to government assistance as companies deal with redundancies. Few investors are willing to commit funds to risky and expensive enterprises.

However, E-commerce has experienced a recent boom. With the growing popularity of wireless technology, more consumers are beating the recession by shopping for deals online. An E-commerce website can be run at a fraction of the cost of a brick-and-mortar store. Since companies are working to provide products and services at a lower price to the end-user, the latest initiative by Print Empire allows the printing industry to reduce costs while simultaneously adding new companies and creating jobs.

More detailed information is available at Print Empire’s official website, Since the printing company offers free consultancy, interested parties are encouraged to make contact immediately.

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