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Small Businesses who have Invested in Marketing throughout the Recession now Reaping the Rewards

For many small companies during the recession, cutting marketing budgets and keeping overheads to a bare minimum seemed to be the sensible strategy for survival. Sadly however, many businesses could not see that a little investment in marketing can be crucial and to dismiss it as yet another ‘expense’ could be a costly mistake. It now appears that those businesses who did invest in marketing have proved to be the smart ones and are now reaping the rewards.

This is a view shared by one of the UK’s leading online print and marketing companies ( who have worked with hundreds of small businesses over the past year and seen for themselves how small and new businesses can flourish during even the very toughest economic climate. are so sure that even a modest spend on marketing can turn the fortunes of a business around that they have this week launched a new initiative by way of a competition to highlight the importance of marketing. The competition is open to any small or new businesses, and will work with the winning business over the course of the next twelve months providing £8000 worth of print and marketing services.

One of the main objectives of the competition is for other businesses to have the opportunity to follow the journey of the winner throughout the twelve month period via an interactive ‘online diary’ on the website; giving all businesses a chance to see what marketing strategies are put in place, and how well they have worked. They will clearly be able to see just how important marketing is and that even a small budget can dramatically turn around the fortunes of a business. It is vital that businesses, especially during a poor economy, view marketing as an ‘investment’ and not an ‘expense.’

Deren Stevens, Manager of Berkshire-based explains “This competition is our way of showing businesses in the UK that with just a small budget they can still grow their revenues tremendously, even during a global economic crisis such as the one we are currently in. Although there will be only one main winner, we have increased our marketing staff in order to to give all businesses free advice on their marketing, just by visiting The interactive Online Diary system is a new development; most marketing companies keep their strategies a secret, but we’re going to reveal to everyone exactly what we do for the winning company, and exactly what returns are had, so others can implement them into their own businesses.”

Since its launch in 2005 has been one of the pioneers in championing low cost online printing services offering high quality print and design work at a fraction of the cost of traditional printers. The company has now firmly established itself as one of the market leaders with services which include Print, Web Design, Animation, SEO, Viral Advertising and PR.

Businesses wishing to take part in the competition can do so by visiting the company’s website at and completing a simple online competition form. Closing date for entries is 15th of June 2010, and winner will be announced on the website on 18th June 2010. Follow the progress of the winner online to see how Print Empire have transformed the fortunes of one lucky business…and copy the strategies for your own business.

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