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Learn how to Attract 5000 Targeted Customers to your Business!

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Do you know the difference between business cards and drop cards? 90% of people DO NOT know the difference, and we can’t blame you if you don’t know, because not many people make use of an amazing marketing potential.

Here is the answer: business cards contain your contact and business details, fantastic for giving out at conferences, networking events, and to clients. Drop cards on the other hand are used to market your business, which you can drop everywhere you go – supermarket, conferences, bus stops, pubs, sports clubs, bars, and anywhere else you visit. Instead of focusing the card on your business details, you use it to grab attention quickly, and enticing the person who picked it up to keep hold of the card so they can check out your website or call you for more details.

Here’s an example. A Business Card will contain something like “XYZ Marketing. Name, Telephone, Address, and a list of services.” This is great, just what you need when you visit a professional networking event and to hand to prospects. Here at Print Empire, we have those exact same cards, and they’re vital. However, imagine also having a mass set of cards which say…

Want to Attract 5000 New Clients to your Business…in just 7 Days?
XYZ Marketing have come up with a system which can help you do this quickly and cost-efficiently. Learn FREE how to use this system in your own business, for FREE, if you visit our website at or call 0800 123 456. Register in the next 7 days and also receive a FREE Marketing Report.”

That, is a drop card created purely for enticement, and to get a response to your business quickly. Now, if you found 2 cards lying on the floor, a business card like the one above, or a drop card like the one above… which would YOU most likely pick up and keep? Hopefully you said the drop card, right? Think about it, the drop card is giving you a reason to read it: an attractive headline, a free offer, and a call-to-action … just like an effective advertisement for your business. However, rather than a big advert, this is a small card which someone can find, read quickly, and more importantly they can EASILY fit in their wallet for when they get home!

You’re probably wondering why you would carelessly drop these cards around in random places… that couldn’t possibly work, could it? Well, are you saying that your target market and your ideal customers do NOT visit the supermarket, go to sports clubs, go to the gym, or walk past bus stops? If so, then you’re right, this probably isn’t for you. The fact is, drop cards are so inexpensive when you work out the cost of per card, that even if you had 100 enquiries from your cards per 5000, that would give you an incredible return on your investment, even when you do ‘drop’ them everywhere you go.

And are you wondering whether this method can work for YOUR industry? Whether you’re in the finance sector, a solicitor, restaurant owner, hairdresser, retail sector… literally any industry, you can apply this method and you will get immediate results. At Print Empire, we guarantee this – if you buy these drop cards from us, design it so it works to grab attention and trigger response, and after dropping 5000 cards you can honestly say you did not get many responses, call us and we’ll refund you £20 from your order. However, we do ask that you drop these cards in all the places you walk past or visit, and try to drop all the cards within a couple of weeks of receiving your order, rather than just dropping a few per day. Of course, you will NOT receive 5000 enquiries for every 5000 cards; but the point is, the people who do enquire are those who are interested enough to keep your card and are targeted enough to contact you!

Below are just a few examples of what to write on drop cards, for different industries – try to think of one that would suit your business and feel free to contact us at Print Empire before you order, and we’ll help you to perfect it for maximum response, using our experience and knowledge:

Restaurant: “A FREE Bottle of Wine when you book a table of 4 at the finest restaurant in town, the XYZ Restaurant. Call us on xxxxx or visit our website to book today. The latest testimonial from a customer …. the food here was fantastic, the service was superb, and I will be recommending all my friends to visit XYZ Restaurant.”

Hairdresser: “50% OFF your first hair cut at XYZ Hairdressers. Call us now on xxxxxxx to book an appointment, and we’ll take 50% off your first hair cut at our newly refurbished hair salon. We offer cuts, colours and beauty treatments to men and women, and we’re renowned for our fantastic service.”

Solicitors: “Have YOU had a trip or a fall, that wasn’t your fault? Call XYZ Solicitors today on xxxxxx and we’ll handle your claim, providing a No-Win-No-Fee service.”

Accountant: “Local Accountancy seeking Businesses to save money for. XYZ Accountant, established 15 years, is looking for businesses in the local area, which we can help to save costs. Offering affordable bookkeeping, tax returns, and financial services. Call today on xxxxxxx or visit our website at xxxxxxx to receive a FREE Guide to slashing your tax bill.”

Cafe: “FREE Tea or Coffee for picking up this card! If you have this card in your hand, get yourself over to XYZ Cafe NOW and receive a FREE cup of your favourite tea or coffee, with every sandwich you buy. Limited time only, so get yourself over to us on xxxxx Street, and try out for yourself our amazing hot drinks.” Can you imagine how many of the local business people around your cafe would visit YOU rather than your competitors, for a FREE cuppa!

The fact is, this method can be applied to any business:- cleaning companies, butchers, jewellery store, clothes shop, web designers, authors etc. The key here is that you drop the cards everywhere in your area, AND you make sure you provide the best service or product to that customer. The mission of the drop card is to draw customers in quickly, but the aim for you is to get that customer to KEEP COMING BACK. And they will only do that if you back up your initial offer with a great service or product. It’s no good offering a free cup of coffee to every customer, but then make an awful cup of coffee or treat the customer poorly. If you can back up your offer with a great service, these customers WILL keep coming back to you rather than to your competitors. You can also give out these cards to your customers; give them several cards each, and they will instinctively give them out to THEIR friends and family, effectively referring them to you also – without any effort from you.

This is what we always strive to do at, we provide a good reason for a customer to visit us in the first place, then we ensure we provide a great service or a great product in order for that client to KEEP coming back to us, and to KEEP referring their friends to us. And this is the reason for the amazing success we have attained over the last 5 years, and with over 8000 satisfied clients in our database. Yes, we do get the odd occasional problem where a delivery is late or a customer is unhappy; and you will have the same problems (we’re only human after all), but we still strive for the best we can provide.

If you’re not convinced that ‘drop cards’ are for you, not a problem. We hope we can help you with any other printing you require for your business such as flyers, letterheads, business cards, booklets, folders, or anything else you need printing. We also offer professional website design services, animation, and marketing; so get in touch with us if we can answer any of your questions.

We also hope that if you know of any friends, family or colleagues who could benefit from reading this and learning more about Print Empire, that you can pass on our details to them – or share this page on your Facebook or Twitter and pass on the message!

All the best, and the best of success for you and your business in the future!

Total Vehicle Makeover…

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Vehicle Wrapping – a total vehicle makeover…

We all want a total car makeover every once in a while to see our vehicles come to life, whether for our own personal pleasure or for business and marketing purposes. By sticking large sheets of printed customised designs, or plain coloured vinyl sheets to your vehicle we create a totally different, attractive design, which technically wraps your car or van. A neat, attractive and professional looking vehicle wrap can do just the trick. Vehicle Wrapping turns around any vehicle 180 degrees for a low cost and little time. The fashion of sticking little logos or phrases on your rear windshield is wearing off; the revolutionary vehicle wrapping makeover is here!

Print Empire are a vehicle vinyl wrapping company based in Berkshire. We turn around all types of vehicles, such as vans, cars, fleet, motorbikes, double deckers and golf carts. Our vehicle wraps protect the paintwork of your vehicle which keeps the resale price of your vehicle as high as it can be.

Vehicle wraps makes a faultless first impression, especially if you are displaying your corporate identity which would make your vehicle stand out in the crowd and spread the word about your business. All eyes will be caught by your vehicle wrap increasing awareness about your business to the max, as if you are conducting your own marketing campaign on a low budget and reaching the best results. It is cost-effective as you will be displaying your advertisement everywhere you go, to meet your client, to the shops, or any personal errand. You can display your new product, promotion, business events, sale or simply your company’s logo. Professional vehicle wraps maintains the connection between you and your target market by keeping your business news and promotions fresh by the day.

The majority of consumers employ a company’s services based on its look; they would judge your office, vehicles and stationary. With our Vehicle Wrapping service, everywhere you drive we would raise awareness for your business using the Print Empire car wraps. Advertisement display on vehicles is a technique used by many leading companies nowadays, which we will offer you for a fraction of the cost paid by those companies for their marketing campaigns.

This Vehicle Wrapping service provided by Print Empire is a family-run business, so our utmost goal is the end result and its quality. We can design your wrap in any way you like, signage, logo, full color wraps, partial wraps, special finishes like carbon fibre or reflective silver or gold, or any other personalisation you prefer. Our designs are not standard, they are customised, so you will have your own unique look and your business would be exceptionally presented.

The vinyl Car Wrapping service is for personal pleasure, as well. If you would like to express yourself and display your photo or any design over your car – provide us with the brief, and our professional design team will bring it to life for you! Just personalise your vehicle to suit your taste, as you personalise your home or room. Show your friends and neighbours your personal taste and unique touch, and stand out in any crowd.

Who could believe that all these benefits are merely from having a whole new look to your car that is affordable and quick? Applying a vehicle wrap is quicker than painting and can be as short-term or long-term as you like. If you choose to remove your vehicle wrap you would see that your original paintwork is as perfect as the day we applied the vinyl. We use safe vinyl equipment, unlike the harmful and costly sprays. Vehicle Wrapping service has its special equipment and guarantees the best quality, with a warranty on our wraps. We offer you free consultation before applying your vehicle wrap to customise your design and make it as unique as you like.

To see what Vehicle Wrapping Service can do to your car, please visit:

vehicle wrapping beetle